Sometimes, a little paint is all you need!

Refresh your place – use our painting and decorating services in Dhaka

Painting and decorating for any type of property

Done by skilled painting professionals

Quick, efficient, and neat service

How to arrange your painters services

Step 1: Contact us and explain how we can assist you in terms of painting and decorating.

Step 2: Based on the information you give us, we will be able to offer you a preliminary quote for the service.

Step 3: We will send a specialist to your place for a survey. He will consult you and make sure to understand your needs.

Step 4: Within 3-5 workdays after the survey, we will contact you back with a personalised quote for the job.

Step 5: All that is left is for the specialists to come at a convenient for you time and complete the service

Have your walls painted and decorated perfectly

A neat and tidy painting service

You might be worried that the work will end with a mess. However, the diligent painters and decorators will take every measure to leave the place tidy when they are done.

Your feedback is important for us

We would love to hear what you have to say about your service! This way we are able to improve and always deliver the best possible results.

What does the painting service include?

We can help you with the professional application of all kinds of finishes to walls, floors, ceiling surfaces and woodwork, as well as adding decorative elements (even on windows and doors).

This service is suitable for all type of properties – flats, houses, commercial properties:

  • Home Decor
  • Aerobics & dance studios
  • Sports centers and gyms
  • Office buildings
  • Hotels, restaurants, and cafes
  • School classrooms and school halls
  • Multi-floor department stores
  • Community centres

Frequently asked questions

Q: I don’t know what paint I need, can you help me with that?

A: Yes, we’ll send an expert for a viewing and he’ll consult you. Just state your preferences on colour.

Q: Do I have to be there while the service takes place?

A: No, but please make sure to provide access to your property on the day of your appointment. The painters can pick up a key if you leave it somewhere nearby and they’ll drop it off when the job is finished.

Q: How much time will the service take?

A: Well, it all depends on how many rooms need to be painted. The specialist we send for the survey will be able to estimate the duration the service will take.

Q: Do I need to provide the painting tools/equipment?

A: No, the specialists bring them as part of the service. Upon request and for an extra charge, we can also supply the paint for you.

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