Maintain a vibrant and neat garden all year round

Hedge trimming, weeding, and more delivered by professional gardeners

A team of 2 insured and experienced gardeners

Service available for any day and in any weather

Free collection & disposal of up to 180l of green waste

Focus on what’s important and leave the gardening to us

Scheduling our garden maintenance service in Bangladesh is a matter of three simple steps:

1) Contact us: Book online via our booking form or through our  e-mail,or phone and choose a convenient day and time at which you want the gardeners to arrive.

2) Meet the team: A team of 2 gardeners will arrive to receive your instructions, evaluate the work that needs to be done, and provide you with a final quote for the service.

3) Enjoy fantastic results: The specialists will get down to work to restore your garden’s charming appearance. You can then inspect the garden to see if all is done to your liking.

Your garden – your rules. Just tell us what you need

Our regular garden maintenance is an day-based service and the experienced gardeners will do as much work as possible for the time they were booked. For instance, the team can keep your grass ever fresh by helping you with lawn mowing, reseeding, fertilising, watering, and aeration. The trained specialists can also use petrol-fueled lawn mowers to clip your grass at a suitable height, prune or completely remove trees and bushes that are up to 12 feet high, uproot all weeds in the area, and help you dispose of lush ivy to protect your home or garden from being damaged. Last, but not least, the gardeners are always willing to provide you with free maintenance advice, based on your garden’s layout and vegetation.

Note: The service includes free removal of up to 180 litres of green waste. Upon your request, any extra waste can be collected and disposed by the gardeners for an extra fee.

Extra services to make your garden even more vibrant

  • Landscaping: Bring your home garden renovation project to life by allowing the experts to help you install a reliable weed membrane, plant exotic plants, refresh your weathered decking, level uneven areas in your garden, lay intricate patio patterns, and more.
  • Pressure washing: The team will use a powerful jet washing machine to clean resilient stains from your driveway, patios, garden furniture, and various types of hard flooring.
  • Gutter cleaning: Get a professional maintenance and repair of your home’s gutters and downpipes. The skilled technicians will use an extendable wet vacuum machine to remove any leaf and branch blockages and provide you with before and after photos.
  • Waste removal: The specialists will chip the leftover green waste from the gardening work, collect it in suitable bags, and dispose of everything in an eco-friendly manner.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How much will I pay if the team finishes the job earlier?

A: Should the gardeners complete all tasks in less time than you’ve booked the service for, then we will adjust the final cost to reflect only the actual time the professionals spent on-site.

Q: Do I need to provide the team with anything?

A: No. The gardeners will bring lawn mowers, ladders, hedge trimmers, suitable green waste bags and anything else needed to perform an excellent lawn care and garden maintenance service.

Q: Can you plant some flowers for me?

A: Yes, but only if you personally supply all planting materials and the plants themselves. You can also notify us 2 days in advance and share a detailed list of all the plants and other materials you need so that the gardeners can bring them for you.

Q: Do I need to reserve a parking spot?

A: Please do so as the specialists will need to park their van in close proximity to your property in order to quickly and safely unload their tools and equipment.

Our Fantastic Family

Spot Solution Services is a provider of property cleaning and maintenance services, with several sub-brands that specialise in different areas: Cleaners, Gardeners, Handyman, Pest Control, and other.

Both domestic and commercial clients can take advantage of streamlined, easy-to-get services, available in Dhaka, throughout the BD and.Everyone can enjoy more free time while the professional teams handle the cleaning, gardening, or even the refurbishment of a property. We send experienced technicians who use high-end equipment to achieve the most satisfying results.